Thursday, May 14, 2009

My Heart is Breaking.

Today my heart was broken. Not the first time and I am sure it won't be the last. Today I found out the child that I have thought may be my grandchild, isn't. We knew that there was possibilty that he wasn't but we have loved him and claimed him as if he was.

When the DNA results arrived today. There is 0% chance of this child being my son's. He didn't marry the mother because he wasn't waiting for the results of this test. However he has been a good father. Bradley could not have asked for better. They were making plans to be a family. We are all so hurt. Not just our family but her family as well. We covet your prayers as try discern how to go forward from here.


  1. Sweetie, I am sorry that your family is hurting over this news. Asking God to be close by your side, and bring you His love and comfort.

  2. Wow...what to say...I just do not know. It is hard to love a baby as your own and then find out they are not. I do not know all the details but I do know that you and your son have grown to love this baby as your own family...can that love and relationship continue? I hope if it is the best thing for both sides of the family...then all of you can continue to as family. It sounds like this baby is very loved by everyone.
    Hugs for you my friend. I know this is a hard time for you and your family...and your heart..

  3. I'll be praying....

    Much love,


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