Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

I know that everyone has so much to be Thankful for. I have. There is so much that God has blessed me with. I know for some this year has been harder financially than it is in the past. However, I know that most of us still have more than our brothers and sisters around the world.
I have been blessed with a granddaughter this year. Hannah is nearly 4 months old. She melts our hearts.
My parents are still here to celebrate Thanksgiving with us. Dad had a nasty fall a couple of months ago and then developed clots on his brain. He was in the hospital for several days. God was gracious and allowed him to come home. God used him during his time in the hospital and he led 4 precious souls to Christ during his stay.  Mother is doing so much better. She has pretty much recovered from her stroke in 2009. 
Another praise, my best friend's husband received Christ as his Savior. I having been praying for him since I have known her (19yrs). He is 83 yrs old. He is quite a bit older than her. I have been rejoicing since receiving her phone call on Saturday. 
A prayer request, pray for my brother who wife went to heaven last October. The holidays are really hard for him and the family this year. Last year he was still in shock. This year it is really hitting him.
More exciting news. My nephew just finished 15 weeks of basic training. He is home on a 10 day leave before going to his next placement. He  has surprised everyone today by eloping. We are pleased to have a new addition to our ever growing family. I know that my brother and my sister in love are thrilled to have a daughter in love. Since they missed out on the girls like I did. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!

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