Monday, May 11, 2009

Bluebirds in the morning

One morning a couple of weeks ago as I was sitting in my chair with my laptop, I kept hearing this strange sound at the den door. I looked up it was a couple of blue birds flying into the door. When hubby came through, I asked him if something was after the bluebirds. He checked and said no.

This has become a habit with the birds every morning. What are they fascinated with? The answer their own image. The den door leads on to the deck. Beside the door on the outside is a full length mirror. I don't remember why hubby put it there but he did. The bluebirds have a time playing there every morning.

I have gotten several pictures but I have had to take them through the bay window. So the pics are necessarily the best. I even made a video of them. I have really enjoyed the show and the blessing of watching them. I thought you might enjoy seeing them also.


  1. Beautiful Linda!!! I love bluebirds! I have seen a few flying around by our house, but I have NEVER been able to get a photo of one.... Perhaps I'll have to set a mirror out. *grin*



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