Thursday, January 1, 2009


Welcome to my blog.
Today is my first blog. I have named my blog Thy grace is sufficient. Because God's grace is truly sufficient. He has proven that over and over again to me through the years. As we get to know each other I will share the many ways that God has shown His grace to me.

Today on the Living Proof Blog, Beth has asked us to start scripture memorization. My scripture for Jan. 1, 2009 is Psalm 134:1&2.

"Behold, bless the Lord, All of you servants of the Lord, Who by night stand in the house of the Lord! Lift up your hands in the sanctuary and bless the Lord."

I asked the Lord what scripture He had for me this morning. This is what He led me to. I am going to memorize it and meditate on it for the next 15 days. I heard James Kennedy on the radio yesterday speaking on meditating on the Word. I intend to that into practice more this year.

I pray that everyone has a blessed New Year.

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