Friday, April 3, 2009

Company Girl Coffee

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This week has been very busy. I have had Drs. appts. for myself, grandson, and my friend who is 87 yrs young. Between the appointments and trying to keep the house at least halfway decent. I am worn out. I have enjoyed the week though.

I love spending time with my grandson, Bradley and his mom. My friend and I really enjoy each other's company. We had breakfast together this morning. She is leaving Sunday to spend a week or so with her grandson and her great granddaughter Caralee. She is so crazy about her. I believe grandchildren do that to you.

I attended Bible study Monday evening. We have doing Beth Moore's study of "Esther". I have really enjoyed it. We only have 2 more sessions. I really hate to see it come to an end. Nothing like studying God's Word with some Siesta's. Praying everyone has a blessed weekend.


  1. I think that I am the only woman on the planet not doing Beth Moore's study of Esther. I guess that I have something to look forward to.
    Have a wonderful weekend, and I'll keep your little one in my prayers

  2. Saying prayers for you sweetie.

  3. Just stopped to see if you still had some coffee. :) It takes me all weekend to make the rounds!

    I'm envious your doing a Beth Moore study. I'm the other one on the planet not doing one of her studies. My mom facilitates Beth's studies at her church. Not real sure which one they're about to finish with.

    Praying for your sweet grandson and for you too.

    I love your blog title and the verse at the top. This is just a peaceful place to be.
    Have a great weekend!
    Lydia Cate

  4. Hope your grandson is doing better. Sending prayers your way. Have a lovely weekend.


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