Monday, May 17, 2010

Cleaning the Attic

Cleaning the Attic

Last week, I spent a couple of the cool, rainy days cleaning the attic. Okay, I didn't get it completely cleaned out but I got started. I made a dent in it.
It is hard to make much of a dent, when you are flooded with memories.

My attic has so much junk stashed up there that should have gone to the dump. It also so many memories in it that should have gone into a journal. However, I was busy living life and didn't write it all down. Plus, I am not a journal person.  Over the years, I written a few things but not near enough.  But my attic is full.

The one person who placed so much in our attic is my youngest. Everything thing that he was through with made its way to the attic.  The door to the attic is just outside his bedroom door.

In my attic you will find the usual, Christmas tree and ornaments, canning supplies and many discarded items.
It is the discarded items of my children's childhood and youth that brought back the memories.

I found the legos, matchbox cars, stuffed toys and Pirate ships. I found discarded baseball trophies, even discarded crossbows probably in search of a beau.  Since I found the first few lines of a letter to a girlfriend.  

Where did all the time go? From the first Christmas tree of a couple who could not afford anything but a $10 gift for each other to an attic overflowing. Grown men for children with a grandchild on the way. Oh, the memories that flood my attic! Will more be placed up here in the years to come? I did make room for more as I came up here to clean didn't I?

                                Linda K. S. Holt

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