Friday, April 16, 2010


Have you been bothered with allergies  lately? I sure have. It is no wonder with all the pollen. I have a "supposedly" white car. But here lately you would think it was neon green.
I had a young man wash it for me Wednesday morning but Thursday it didn't look it had been touched. I am sure everyone else can identify. 
Today my sweet niece sent me a couple of "Maxine" cartoons. Don't you just love "Maxine"? Thought I would share with you.

Have a Blessed Day.


  1. OMG I have been dying from allergies...!!! And this week I managed to get into some poison oak somewhere, so now I have itchy red hives on my arm to deal with too. And yes, my car is neon green too.

    I've missed seeing you. Would you like to get together sometime soon? Maybe a Girl's Movie Night?


    P.S. Love your new blog design! Very pretty...

  2. Sorry about your poison oak. Girls Movie Night sounds great. Missed seeing you too.


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