Monday, May 24, 2010

Hannah's Blessing

This weekend we held a baby shower for my daughter in love. As most of you know a little over a year ago, we found out that grandson that we thought was ours was not. I still grieve over that fact. I know that it indeed was blessing from God  that Bradley was not my son's. But in the short time that we thought that he was, we grew very attached to him. I still pray for him and his mother.

Back to the good news.  I have been doing Beth Moore's study of the Patriarchs. I am just about finished with it. However, Saturday, the morning of the baby shower I was doing the study. On this day it was Jacob blessing Joseph's son Manasseh and Ephraim in Genesis 48.  I have taken that blessing and personalized for our granddaughter who is due in August. Just reading the Blessing has blessed me in Genesis 48:15 & 16. It should make any child of God lift their hand in praise.


Hannah's Blessing

God before whom our fathers
Abraham and Isaac walked
The God who has fed us
all our life to this day.
The Angel who has redeemed
us from evil.
Bless Hannah;

Let our name be named upon her
And the name of our fathers
Abraham and Isaac;
And let her grow into a
multitude in the midst of the earth.
        Genesis 48:15&16       

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