Thursday, February 5, 2009


The focus word this week from Marsha's Legacy Moments is Love. The verse that I have chosen this week is rather short but says a great deal.

"We love Him because He first loved us." 1 John 4:19

We humans love God because He loved us first. Do you think we would love Him if He had not been the One to initiate it? I don't believe we would.
1. We would have no idea what love is.
1John 4:8b tell us that "God is love." That is not saying that is all God is but that is it one characteristic of God. I don't believe we would know what true love was without God first showing love to us. We might would know what jealousy, and lust were but not true genuine love.

2. We are too selfish in nature to care about any one but ourselves and how it would benefit us. If we didn't get love first we sure wouldn't return it. Mankind's nature has always been what I am I going to get out of the deal.

What did we get out of the deal.

"For God so Loved the world( that includes you and me) that He gave His only begotten Son (His One & Only) that whosoever(insert your name) believeth on Him should not perish but hath everlasting life. " John 3:16

His Son Jesus Christ takes the punishment for our sins. He did not deserve the punishment, but you and I do. He shed his precious blood for you and me and gave his life. Then on the third day He rose from the grave. Praise His name. So that we might not have to endure the punishment and eternal damnation for our sins. But instead may stand before God righteous and pure and live forever with Him.

As the saying goes all this and heaven too. Now that is what I call LOVE!
I ask you today if you have not already done so, would accept this gift of Love that God has so freely offered to you. I pray that you will.

Blessings ,


  1. Beautifully written my friend! You shared the Gospel so clearly. I pray it is seen by someone who needs our precious Saviour.

    Bless you!


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