Friday, February 6, 2009

50 years of Wedded Bliss

My parents celebrated their Golden Wedding Anniversary last week. We surprised them on Sunday with a family dinner. They were supposed to have went on a trip. However my mother's back started hurting her again so they stayed home. She has suffered with chronic back pain for over 20 years.
It was just family. We gave them a big party on their 25th anniversary. Since they had plans, we were not going to do anything. So at the last minute we decided to celebrate as a family and surprise them. I was asked to make mother her favorite cake(strawberry). My sister-in-law made my Dad's favorite pie (pecan).
Well I decided to dress the cake up just a little bit as you can see. Mom was so tickled. She took the topper off and said she would save it for their 75th anniversary.
I thank God for my parents and their love for each other. I also thank Him for giving me parents who raised me in a Christian home and taught me about the Love of Christ. I thank Him for their faithfulness in following Him. I pray that my sons can say the same about their Dad & me.


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