Monday, September 14, 2009


This past week has been very busy. Labor was spent preparing lunch and taking to my son's and prepared them some homemade ice cream to have later. Tuesday through Thursday I spent taking my older friend to see her different doctors. She is 87 and such a joy to be with. On Friday evening we had a rehearsal dinner for my nieces wedding.

Saturday was the big day. Her wedding was beautiful it was held outside at my parents. Beautiful reception after-wards. I helped to direct the wedding and then I helped serve. I was worn out Saturday night. My niece asked my husband to shoot fireworks for her wedding and he and the boys gave her a beautiful show. One of my cousins from S.C. said so " this is how you do a wedding in Tennessee". She a band playing good "clean" country music. Her brother and his girl friend sang Johnny Cash & June Carter songs. We had a wonderful time.

Please pray for the mother of my niece. She definitely has liver cancer. The doctors still do not know the primary site. The doctors are going to biopsy the lungs.
Pray for my Mom. She is still dealing with a lot of pain. We will be talking with the doctors next week about a pain pump.

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