Thursday, July 1, 2010


I have been thinking about great deal masks.  You know those that we all hide behind. Masks are those
objects worn either to disguise or protect the face or to project the image of another personality or being.
Seems like everyone in my extended family is probably hiding behind a mask and that none of us know the true person behind the mask.
Isn't it a shame that we don't feel free to be ourselves with our own families.  I know that in my extended family I am the peacemaker and the go between for everyone, the messenger. I feel like one day the messenger will probably be killed if not directly, indirectly from the stress of it all.  We have those who hide their hurt behind humor or too much of it. We have those who love the drama of it all. We have those who just retreat.  Those who love to be in the lime light so their mask is big and showy. Others are quite sedate.  Some are clownish.  I know that right now I would love to rip everyone's mask off and make them show their true colors but the wounds may be too deep for that.  What mask are you wearing?

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