Friday, December 25, 2009

We Made It Through Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve is traditionally spent with my side of the family and for most years at my parents home;.  The last couple of years because of my Mothers health we have spent it at my younger brother and his wife's home.  Some of the grandkids had said that it did not seem like Christmas without being at Nana's and Pa's.  So we went back their house this year.

We knew it would be hard. Nana 's health has improved some since her stroke this past summer. However, she is still not quite the same. She is much quieter and not able to get around as easily as before.  Then with my sister- in -love's home going, we were all rather sad but trying to keep the mood light for everyone else.  But you knew that everyone missed her so.

The meal wasn't quite as much as before but that was okay. No one had quite as much of an appetite as before.  Although we have started the tradition of having chili for the past several years.  A few traditions changed this year or were completely dropped.  Instead of my Sis-in-love bringing her Potato Salad , her daughter had that honor this year. It was delicious.  However, I had hard time eating it and not thinking of her mother for she was our designated Potato salad maker for every family gathering. She made the best.

When dessert time came it was mentioned more than once that even though a chocolate cake was there. It did not have hard candy icing.  That is my job. I let them down. I was not in the mood. I was trying to keep a tradition that my Granny always did.  She made Chocolate Peanut butter Balls.  Those things are hard work.  My hubby helped some. He said he wouldn't do that again for them.  After making all those balls and dipping them in chocolate. I just couldn't start making a cake.

Then some of mentioned that we didn't have our Christmas punch.  Mother has made that since I can remember. This was a FIRST!!! She sent Dad after an ingredient but he came home with the wrong thing.

Yes Christmas was different.  But we still had each other and we had love and no one doubted that love.  We also knew what the real meaning of Christmas and it is not all those traditions of favorite foods and places to meet. But it is THE GIFT of GOD'S SON sent down to earth as babe born in a manger to become the Savior of the World. EMMANUEL - GOD WITH US. We miss Sherry but we have the blessed hope of seeing her again because we have THE BLESSED HOPE!

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

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  1. Hi, just to wish you and your family a blessed NEW YEAR, in Christ. Nicky


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