Saturday, June 13, 2009

update on my week

This past week has been rather hectic for me. Mother was back in the hospital again. We took her back to ER on Wednesday afternoon. Her meds had her all confused again. I knew when I saw her on Tuesday night that things were not right. My husband and son and his wife also spent sometime with her.

The doctors at ER suggested putting mother in a nursing home short term for some physical therapy and to adjust her medication. Her pain management doctor kept telling us it was not the meds that were causing the confusion. He was even suggesting that Mother was suffering from dementia. My Dad, brothers and I were facing some hard decisions on Wednesday night. We did not want to put Mother in a nursing home but if that was what was best for her then we agreed to it. It was so hard to tell Mother that we might have to put her a nursing home even for a short while.

Thankfully,we did not have to resort to that. God sent us a wonderful doctor in to take care of her during her stay in the hospital, these doctors are called hospitalists. She took one look at the medications that Mother was on and was pretty sure that it was the medications causing the problems. She took her off the main one that we thought was causing the problem by midnight Mother was more coherent.

We tried to get her to a couple of rehab places for some physical therapy but she was in too good of shape for them to accept her. So she was sent home the next day with some equipment for help around the home. Home health care will be coming out supervising the meds for awhile and giving physical therapy.

I very thankful that Mother did not have to go into a nursing home at this time. I kept thinking to myself I didn't let my husband's Grandmother go into a nursing home but I am going to let my own mother. How can I do that? What kind of daughter am I? The answer to that question is one who knows her limitations. When I took care of my husband's grandmother was over 4 years ago. It nearly did me in. God taught me so much in taking care of her. But my health is worse now than then. I have a husband who needs me. His health is not good either. I will take care of my parents the best I can. Unfortunately, it may mean a nursing home I pray not.

Pray for my son, he is having some problems with his eyes. His eyes are getting inflamed
from wearing his contacts so much. He is looking into having Lasik eye surgery. My sister in law is having some problems that I can't into on here but she definitely needs prayer.
Pray that God continues to give me strength and energy. With my MS, I get fatigued real easily in the heat of the summer. Thankfully, it hasn't been bad at all so far this summer for me.

Blessings to all of my dear friends


  1. Oh my! What a week you have had! I can truly identify. You are a wise woman to see you must also acknowledge your own limitations and care for your health.

    I'll be praying for you all. Caring for our elderly parents is not an easy thing.

    Have a blessed day worshiping our Savior.

  2. Praying for all of your needs sweetie.


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